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WISE Toronto IWD 2019: #BalanceforBetter

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the cultural, social and political achievements of women. In support of IWD 2019, we've enlisted a few of our very own WISE Toronto board members who are truly making a positive difference for women both in Canada and around the world. They've agreed to share insights around how they're working to build a gender-balanced world (among many other things)! We all have a part to play, and we hope you'll contribute to our growing community as we all work together to create #BalanceforBetter.

How does gender-balance make for better companies and improve lives outside of work? What is one big benefit you’ve seen come to life when balance is top of mind?

#BalanceforBetter for our daughters. I think that balance for a better workplace is important because a diversity of thought, ideas, and background help make any organization stronger. As I have had to face “imbalance” in my career, I look forward to continue being part of the change that will provide my daughter the opportunity to be exposed to a more balanced and inclusive world – including her own career path.
- Laurie Kepron, WISE Toronto President and Group VP, Integrated Marketing for the NHL

In a world of rapid change, we are continuously challenged to grow, think differently and remain relevant . The necessity for diverse gender perspectives is the only way to tackle problems, foster creativity and achieve the best solutions. The celebration and collaboration of these unique perspectives are a necessity for future innovation. What incredibly exciting times we live in! #balanceforbetter.
- Kim Carter, VP WISE Toronto Board and SVP, Human Resources, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

Surrounding yourself with diversity of thought and people who bring a wide variety of views and experiences to the table is a competitive differentiator, and it is additive to your life because it expands your perspective as a person. A mentor once said: “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with – choose them wisely.”
- Mary DePaoli, WISE Toronto Board Member and EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Royal Bank of Canada

Balance is the thinking person's strategy for good business. Intellectually, we understand the strong business results reasons for balance in investment and product strategy, risk management, business modelling and distribution. Why don't we get this about people? There's tons of research that shows that well balanced organizations in their leadership and governance roles overall do better than their unbalanced competitors.

So practically speaking, in business, achieving balance is a means to an end; better results, more engaged employees, greater depth, deeper resiliency. It delivers profound levels of aspiration and inspiration and excellence. For me personally, balance makes me better at work, more curious, a better listener, more thoughtful and more eager to gain perspective because it's there at my fingertips. And frankly, it's more interesting and more fun!
- Katherine Henderson WISE Toronto Board Member and Chief Executive Officer, Curling Canada

We hope you'll join us in celebrating International Women's Day 2019 and jump over to our Instagram to share your views around why balance IS better.